Obstacles or opportunity

On a recent Friday the thirteenth, I had a jinx that was more than cruel. My computer was compromised by a hacker wearing the Apple brand.

I had been online searching various college courses, when a simple click in a wrong box threw me to a warning announcement with the Apple 800 number. I called. I was violated.

Having to immediately alter not only my bank and credit card accounts, I’m left maneuvering a new email account and passwords as well.

While cleaning my computer, the technician found a small icon on said university’s website near their email check-in that I had clicked in error. He notified their IT; I hope corrections have been implemented.

With the stressful experience many days behind me, I’m on my computer again, feeling somewhat safer, but my trust in technology has been broken. In fact, trust in myself has been broken, too. I thought I was rather computer savvy, but hackers are getting smarter in their stealing.

Frankly, I was ready ditch computers and go back to using land-line phones, the U.S. Postal System, and cash again. But we can’t go back, can we?

We can’t go back into yesterday, or even go back into what happened an hour ago to make a do-over.

When we keep on the path of Christ, however, and with the Holy Spirit’s help, we are able to manage our attitudes to turn obstacles into opportunities.

A good lesson for help in gaining control again is found in Philippians 4:12-13. The Apostle Paul gives encouragement when things are going badly, when we want to keep stewing in our sadness. Suffering greatly while writing from a miserable prison cell, Paul knew how to be content with his trust in God. He says that no problem or struggle is too great for God.

Being a victim of computer violence gives me the opportunity to learn even more about navigating in today’s high-tech universe. Like them or not, computers are here to stay. Or so the world says.

Before I leave this page, Romans 8:28 comes to mind about how, in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

This doesn’t mean that only good things happen to followers. Also remember that He is not working to make us happy, but to fulfill His purpose: that we glorify Him.

Evil continues to roam around in our fallen world, but our Most Holy God is able to turn every circumstance around for our ultimate good in Him.

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