Paul J. Amash, PhD

Retired Marietta College professor, Paul J. Amash,PhD, passed away April 20,2016, in Houston, Texas, after a long illness. At his bedside were his son, Ed, his wife, Sue, and the family pet, Kanushi.

Paul was born in Lydda, Palestine Aug. 8, 1933.

Graduating from the Quaker Friend’s Boys School in Ramallah, Palestine with high honors despite the disruption of the Zionist invasion that made his family refugees, he received a full scholarship to Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa. After earning his BA , he went on to Penn State for his MA. During these years with the help of Anglian Churches, he found sponsors for all his family to come to US. Continuing his studies and teaching at Elon College, N.C., he earned his PhD in Romance Languages from the University of NC, Chapel Hill. He then taught at Pfeiffer College, Misenheimer, N.C. He came to Marietta College in 1969 where he enjoyed a long and prestigious teaching career that included taking students to the University of Dijon, France where he taught during the summer for 15 years. He was honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award in 1984. After his sabbatical to Egypt in the fall of 1985, he received a Fullbright Scholarship in 1987 to the University of Aleppo, Syria, lasting 2 years. Upon his return he became ill and was diagnosed with heart failure and received a heart transplant on April 20, 1990, (same day he passed ). He then retired to Cary, N.C. and was a guest lecturer at near-by colleges and at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cary. He also worked with the US State Department guiding students on trips to the M.E.

He is survived by his former wife, Ann Amash and their four children, Ed (Sue) Amash, Houston, Texas, Jeannie Amash, Athens, Ohio, Caroline (Doug) Drobnick , Chardon, Ohio, and Dr. Roland (Christine) Amash, Marietta; 13 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews in North Carolina, Michigan, South Carolina and California. Interment service is next to his parents at the Magnolia Cemetary, Elon College, N.C. on May 7. Memorial Services will be held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas on May 21.

A scholarship fund in his name is in the planning at Marietta College.