Museum proves it can draw visitors

We’ve said it often in the past that Marietta’s museums – Campus Martius and River Museum – are assets to our community.

That view was underscored again last Thursday as about 170 students, family members and teachers participated in a family engagement activity at Campus Martius.

The activity was coordinated through the Ohio Connections Academy, an online community school with approximately 3,300 students enrolled around the state.

Around 300 originally said they would attend, but the weather cut into the numbers, according to organizers. They missed a unique chance to experience Marietta’s history. We hope they get to visit sometime later this year, just so they can take in all the history surrounding the settling of Ohio’s first city and the import roles played by our rivers.

Last Thursday’s group was one of the larger student events the museum has welcomed, according to Glenna Hoff, education and program director at the museum. This group posed a challenge to museum officials because students from kindergarten to 12th grade attended. Hoff gave full credit to museum volunteers for working hard to tailor lessons to the diverse age groups.

Ohio Connections Academy has multiple family engagement activities each year at locations throughout the state. The activities also benefit parents, who can network with other parents, and teachers, who get a closer than usual look at Ohio history.

And remember all these students and adults came to Marietta to experience history because of Campus Martius, a real local asset.