Businesses a key factor in Seventh, Pike decision

In the wake of several business owners expressing concern about the proposed changes to the Seventh, Pike and Greene streets intersection, some council members have said they’re willing to reconsider their support of the plan, and will hold another public meeting.

We’re encouraged that they’re listening to their constituents and are willing to change their minds-that’s the best sign of a good elected official.

All along, it’s been pretty clear that eliminating the left turn from Seventh to Greene would be an inconvenience for Norwood residents.

Perhaps that-along with questions about the cost of the project and whether it’s truly necessary- should have been enough to get a council majority “no” vote.

But there’s no way the city should risk alienating current and prospective business owners, who provide jobs and are important cogs in the city’s economic wheel.

The changes to that intersection would be likely to change the driving habits and routes of many drivers, with a possible impact for businesses in several areas.

In addition to those who already have businesses in place who say they would be negatively impacted, council has heard from at least two others who were planning new businesses in the city.

One says he and a business partner would no longer consider putting a business in the former location of the Movie Gallery if the turn is eliminated, and we bet any others eyeing that sight now or in the future would feel the same way.

Council knows how important business is to this city and any city. We hope they don’t forget that as decisions on this project move forward.