International Week adds to diversity in community

Marietta College continues to be a unique asset to this community with International Week events starting today and running through April 1.

Nearly all events are free and open to the public and we encourage you and your family to take part in at least one offering that’s part of this growing annual special event.

International Week showcases the college’s efforts at global outreach. It’s becoming more obvious that America is not an island, but rather part of a worldwide economy filled with diverse cultures and interesting people. The week-long event gives people in Marietta a chance to look beyond the borders of our daily lives.

Discussions of global issues, art and food are just some of the elements of International Week. All people can check out the Photo Contest in Thomas Hall. Students and MC employees are displaying photos taken in the past year in international locations.

There’s also a learning activity Wednesday where you can write and say your name in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. How’s that for different? The week’s calendar appeared in Friday’s paper and we urge you to check it out and find something that might be educational and fun.

The Department of Modern Languages at the college founded International Week in 1995. It remains the main organizer for the event, which has grown to touch all parts of the college campus.

So, we urge people in the MC community and the Marietta area in general to get involved in International Week. It could be an eye-opening experience.