Kasich’s education plan doesn’t match its realities

The proposal announced in January sounded like a welcome improvement. Gov. John Kasich said a revised method for doling out state aid to schools would mean more money for poor districts – and stable funding for nearly every other.

But when actual numbers were released, that promise didn’t hold up. It looked like the biggest increases would go to suburban districts, including wealthy ones with high property values – and relatively low millage rates -and growing enrollments.

Now, another look at the figures released in February reveal some districts not only won’t get more state funding, but some would get less. That’s because district totals included money that would follow students who attend charter schools, according to information published recently by The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

When Kasich previewed the revised school funding plan earlier this year, he said of school districts, “If you are poor, you’re going to get more. If you’re richer, you’re going to get less.”

If that’s the governor’s true intention, it sounds like those who drew up this version need to go back to the drawing board.