Answer another call for help after a disaster

In less than a year, the nation has received some devastating blows in the form of natural disasters-like Superstorm Sandy-and man made crises-including the Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook school shooting.

In all those cases, those left in the aftermath needed assistance, and often financial help as well as emotional.

This week, another disaster struck for the people in Moore, Okla., and they now need our help.

When it seems like there is another new worthy cause so often, it can be too easy to look the other way or say that we can’t afford to help again.

But everyone can do a little something.

A $10 donation can be sent by texting “redcross” to 90999. For those who simply can’t give a cash donation local volunteers are collecting supplies to be driven to Oklahoma.

Families there who have lost their homes needs clothes, toys, first aid and personal hygiene supplies, nonperishable flood, flashlights and much more. These might be things that some of us already have at home and can give.

There are many ways to help.

We hope those in the Mid-Ohio Valley once again answer the call from those in need of aid.