Voting is important, regardless of what’s on the ballot

It’s just a few days away.

Election season has not only arrived but early voting for the Nov. 5 general election begins on Tuesday.

Ohio residents will have the opportunity to go ahead and form their opinions and cast a ballot well before Election Day. For local residents, that will mean making a choice for school board members, council members and more.

There are no so-called “major” races this November that might draw people to the polls in droves. There’s no presidential election, no governor’s race, no Washington County school levies or bond issues and no races like last year’s county sheriff contest, which seemed to drive watercooler and Facebook chatter long before voting began.

We hope that doesn’t mean people don’t get out and vote.

The races on the ballot are important. Those who are elected will be making decisions with your tax dollars, that affect your children and your community.

If you’re not ready to vote Tuesday, take your time. There are still days and weeks before the election that can be used for research and questioning candidates. For those unfamiliar with the candidates, The Marietta Times will publish an election guide in the coming weeks and the League of Women Voters will televise a Candidates Night with Marietta Council and Treasurer candidates at 7 p.m. Oct. 15. There are already some election stories at and many candidates have their own websites as well.

The deadline to register to vote, if you’re not already and wish to vote this fall, is Oct. 7, less than two weeks away. We encourage anyone who hasn’t registered to do so and use their voice.

No matter when you choose to vote, please make sure you do.