Offer your assistance during the deep freeze

Getting ready for this week’s frigid weather can be quite a task: Stock up on food; be sure your car has a full tank of gas; double-check your heating fuel supply, and on and on.

As the polar air spreads across the region, we’d like to suggest another item for your “to do” list: Check on your neighbors, especially if they’re elderly or unable to get out.

It could be as simple as a phone call each day to check on their welfare.

Maybe what they need is something you already have in your home and can share.

Maybe, if you are able to get to the store, you could get much-needed medication so your neighbor’s life continues on an even keel.

If you are able, that helping hand could be spreading some road salt on ice-covered sidewalks or steps so the mail – or daily newspaper – gets delivered.

We know the deep freeze isn’t supposed to last more than a few days, but it could seem like forever to anyone unable to get outside. So, we hope you’ll think of your friends, neighbors, or relatives as the mercury hovers around zero.

We’re sure anyone helped will have warm thoughts about your kindness.