Right Path looking for new coordinator

We hope there’s someone in our community willing to take on the important job of coordinator for the Right Path for Washington County.

Whoever fills the opening will have a tough job matching the energy and hard work put into the job by Cathy Harper, who has taken on the job as Marietta’s treasurer.

The Right Path promotes alcohol and drug prevention for Washington County’s youth by partnering with different organizations such as Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). Harper says a lot of the coordinator’s job is bringing new partners getting students involved.

That sounds pretty simple, but we’re sure accomplishing those two goals takes determination and hard work.

Harper explains The Right Path entails the entire community and its board of directors. The Right Path still has 15 of its original 25 board members, which is good in terms of continuity. Board members are filling in as Harper phases out of The Right Path job.

Harper had someone lined up to fill the Right Path’s coordinator job, but that person couldn’t wait to find out the result of November’s election, which is when Harper won the treasurer’s race.

To her credit, Harper has continued to pitch in with the Right Path, and board members are helping, too.

But Right Path needs a leader to serve as a magnet for people and groups who want to help this community’s youths make the right decisions, in addition to coordinating youth-oriented programs.

Harper has done an admirable job, for sure. Now, it’s time for someone else to take over. We hope Right Path’s board finds a capable replacement.