Drivers with multiple DUI offenses deserve stiff punishment

Habitual drunken drivers too often get away with endangering – and sometimes killing – other motorists. Reports of people arrested multiple times for driving under the influence are not uncommon.

A Warren County judge has struck a blow against the deadly scofflaws. Last week, Judge James Flannery sentenced Ralph Pottorf Jr. of Mason, to eight years in prison after he was convicted for the seventh time of driving under the influence.

Flannery noted Pottorf’s most recent offense, in December, occurred less than a year after he was released from prison for a prior DUI offense.

Good. Clearly, Pottorf, whose seven offenses occurred during just 14 years, is a danger to the traveling public in Ohio. At least he will not put others’ lives in jeopardy for a few years.

Critics of such sentences say they ignore the fact alcoholism is a disease. That is true – but driving while drunk is a choice.