Thank a teacher for being an inspiration

On Thursday night, 35 Marietta High School seniors who had outstanding academic achievements were honored and in turn, the students got to choose a teacher to honor as well.

They chose elementary school teachers who started them on the right path, coaches who inspired them in the classroom and out and those who may have lit the spark of realization for what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

As it is each year, the event was a great way for educators to be recognized.

But let’s not stop there.

Teaching can often be a thankless job, and in the coming weeks, our local teachers will be trying to teach important lessons to students as the temperatures rise and summer vacation looms closer, shrinking attention spans.

It’s not easy to educate 30 students, all with different abilities, in a stuffy, un-air conditioned room, while also being a disciplinarian, friend and caregiver as needed. Yet that’s what many of our teachers do.

The MHS students had a chance to thank some of them on Thursday but that doesn’t mean the rest of us still can’t.

As parents, a note or card thanking a good teacher can be appreciated. For those who were really exceptional, think of sending a letter to let the school principal or district superintendent know.

If you’re not a writer, simply tell them.

We give tips to those in the service industry and awards to those in the entertainment industry-let’s not forget those in one of the most important industries we have.