Levee activities missed

Those who have visited the Ohio River levee in Marietta in recent weeks have found no Music on the Levee series as well as a vacant trailer where the Kreamy Kreations ice cream stand is usually operating.

Both the business and the free concert series have been organized for the last several years by the Marietta Tiger Touchdown Club, after the site was purchased by local businessman John Lehman in 2011. Profits from Kreamy Kreations helped buy new uniforms and equipment for Marietta teams.

The booster club and coaches appear no longer willing to operate either and it’s left a gap in Marietta’s downtown offerings.

We doubt the club members simply bailed on the projects. We suspect there’s more to the story-some behind-the-scenes difficulties they don’t want to discuss.

But no matter the reason for the ceased operations, we hope someone else will else step in soon.

We’d like to see someone either rent or buy the site and re-launch the longtime musical series and popular ice cream place.

Many residents make it a summertime tradition to get a cold treat there and on Friday nights, to watch live music near the river.

Both are also a good draw for tourists, most of whom find time to explore downtown and the levee. When they see a crowd there enjoying music, they see a little of what Marietta has to offer.

Getting both of these things back up and running would be beneficial for many. We hope the Touchdown Club figures out a way to make it happen, or someone else steps up to the plate.