Vote for politicians with fix for school funding

A new analysis that showed that the burden of school property taxes is falling more and more on individuals and farmers across the state is probably no surprise to Ohioans.

Those two groups have gone from paying 47.5 percent of the nearly $4.4 billion in property taxes to schools in 1991, to paying 70 percent of the $8.75 billion in 2011.

Washington County homeowners and farmers are paying about 65.9 percent

Though there are more recent factors contributing to the increased reliance on individuals, such as more tax breaks for businesses, the burden on property owners has been a frustrating issue in Ohio for decades.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the system of funding schools has been found unconstitutional multiple times. It doesn’t seem to matter how many campaign promises are made to resolve the issue. No real movement ever seems to be made in relieving this burden, while still ensuring school districts have the funding they need.

In the meantime, we have districts like Frontier Local, where 85.9 percent of school tax funding comes from homeowners. In that district, a lack of business means the residents have to foot the bill even more than most.

Let’s all resolve that when they’re next up for election, we ask our state representatives and senators what specifically they’ve done to tackle this issue.

If they can’t give a direct answer, without political speak, then maybe that officeholder isn’t the right person to represent this area.

By the same token, those running for office should be able to tell us specifically and directly how they would work to make a change.

We can’t force our legislators and governor to take action. But what we can do is exercise our right to vote and make our voices heard that way. It’s about time we do that.