Be ready to react to severe weather

The deadly tornadoes that raced across parts of Oklahoma this week are a stark reminder that we are heading into severe weather season. While we don’t usually see a tornado touch down in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we can see high winds, severe lightening and heavy rains. It’s best to be prepared.

Every family should have an emergency kit at the ready should severe weather such as storms or floods occur. It’s recommended the kit have enough supplies to last 72 hours. And, it’s important a family’s kit be customized to include whatever medication, documents or other items needed in an emergency. Some basics include:

– One gallon of water per person per day

– A three-day supply of non-perishable food

– A battery operated or weather radio

– A first aid kit

– A flashlight and batteries

– Plastic sheeting and duct tape

– Disinfectant and bleach

– Matches and a flare

You can get a complete list of what to do and supplies to have at the ready at

Officials say its also important to determine ahead of a disaster how your family will get in touch with each other should disaster strike and you aren’t together. One tip is to designate a friend of family member who lives in another town as a contact for all. Also, make sure family members know to text in case other phone or cell services are down.

Finally, know your weather terms:

– Watch: There is potential or conditions exist for a severe weather event.

– Warning: A dangerous weather event is imminent. Immediate action is necessary to protect life and property.

– Advisory: Weather conditions are less serious than a warning. If caution is not followed, the situation could be dangerous.

Spring has arrived, but with it often comes severe weather. Be prepared.