Kicking it to the curb: Opinions on latest safety measures

More than a few motorists have been heard recently grumbling about the latest safety steps being taken to protect pedestrians of all ages.

They’re called kick outs, but some people probably have other names for them as construction is ongoing before classes convene for the next school year.

Basically, the sidewalk is being extended into the curb lane at designated intersections. Curbing keeps pedestrians away from traffic and, in the case of young school children crossing, provides a safety zone.

What motorists don’t like is how the construction cuts down on the room for cars and trucks. The perceived problem is that larger vehicles will have to squeeze through, or that there’s no room to get out of the way of ambulances, fire trucks, or police cars on emergency runs.

One way or the other drivers will have to be more careful going through these crossroads. We guess that’s the point.

We’re also reminded of complaints about changes at Seventh Pike and Greene streets. Citizens spoke up about the original setup and to their credit, city officials listened. Changes were made and the project turned out to be clear sailing.

We’re hoping for the best in this project. For sure, citizens will let officials know what they think.