Appreciate our marching bands, too

While Friday night was the first game of the high school football season, it also was the start of the season for area high school marching bands.

Like sports teams, band members put in many long hours on the practice field, making sure they’re in the right place at the right time, playing the right music. It’s hard work that looks easy when it’s performed well, as it so often is in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Many of the Valley’s marching bands will be on display Saturday morning in the annual Washington County Fair parade. The weather is supposed to be hot, making that trek up Front Street from the river’s edge to the fairgrounds a challenge. We’re sure they would appreciate a round of applause or big cheer as they pass.

Also, remember that many of our bands participate in band competitions that take them across the county and throughout the region on Saturdays, after members have been up late the night before at football games home and away.

We wish them good luck. But we also have request: Instead of heading for the hot dog stand the next time you attend a football game, stay in your seat and take in at least part of the band’s halftime program. We’re sure the members would appreciate your effort. And there’s a lot of eneretainment value, too.