Beware of ‘spring’ weather in the Valley

Maybe you’re like most of us and assumed spring was really here. Technically, you’re right.

It’s just spring weather that has taken a vacation from the Mid-Ohio Valley. Forecasters tell us this is only a temporary replay of wintry weather and we can get the lawn mower out again soon.

In the meantime, be careful and don’t get caught not wearing a hat when it’s raining or snowing. Wear the proper clothing, too.

Shorts? Only if you’re under 25.

For those of us above 50 or so, a heavy sweater or light winter jacket is a safer bet.

And if you’re outside for a long time watching the Pioneers or your high school team play ball, or playing soccer just dress appropriately so you can be in good health for the next game. And hopefully the weather will be a bit more like spring.

Then we can all start to look ahead to summer and planting a garden or get back to mowing the lawn. But first, it’s time for April showers and we’ll just have to tolerate this Mid-Ohio Valley weather.