Farmers, shoppers get a new option for produce

When it comes to fresh, locally-grown produce we think Marietta is going to find it twice as nice to soon have more options.

The Farmers Market on Front Street will have a preview Friday and then begin its regular market sales on Tuesday, repeating every Tuesday through October.

It’s a nice complement to the River City Farmers Market at the Washington County Fairgrounds on Saturday mornings and gives people another option for when to shop for crafts, food and more.

The vendors themselves now have the option to sell on another day, if they choose. And for those buying, who may be booked up with children’s soccer games and errands on Saturdays, there is still a chance to support local farmers.

We’re glad to see that some of the organizers of the longtime River City Farmers Market are working with those putting together the Farmers Market on Front Street. There is no need for competition, since this is an opportunity for all.

Aside from being on a different day, the new market is during a different time of day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This may allow those working in downtown Marietta to walk over during their lunch break. It may also bring in more people to shop and eat downtown.

We hope to see plenty of vendors at the new marketplace and plenty of local shoppers, too.