Local effort important in fight against addiction

As the heroin epidemic and concerns about opiate addiction continue in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we’re glad to see local citizens and organizations coming together to find solutions.

The latest effort took place Friday. ‘Take Back Our Communities; Combating the opiate epidemic’ was the topic of a day-long seminar at Evergreen Bible Church in Williamstown. In attendance were state and local law enforcement officials, as well as experts in drug addiction and treatment, health care and local churches. It was an ambitious agenda, but that’s what is necessary if we as a community are going to turn the tide of drug addiction.

Another local effort deserving mention is the formation of Mid-Ohio Valley Learning About Addiction. This is a true-grass-roots organization formed to provide information about treatment options and improve awareness of the issue in the community. MOVLAA has created a website, movlaa.com.

There, visitors to the web site will find a listing of treatment programs with links to more information, as well as links to other resources such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Narcotics Anonymous.

We appreciate these and other local efforts to address drug addiction in the community. We encourage others to get involved in this very public discussion. Only then will we see meaningful change.

Drug addiction knows no boundaries. It affects people of all ages, genders and economic status. In fact, one-third of American households are touched by addiction in some way.

Let’s keep working together to help those touched in our community.