Vending machine at MMS a good idea

When Marietta Middle School students start the 2016-2017 school year, they’ll have no reason to begin class each day hungry.

In an effort to ensure that more children have proper fuel for the day, the school is closing out the year with a grant-funded breakfast vending machine. Though breakfast options are already available, these provide more options and may be quicker for students who didn’t have time to eat or had no food available at home.

The students are able to use their ID numbers to obtain food from the machine, so they don’t need money.

We think this is a good idea. There are too many students who don’t get enough food or proper nutrients. This is another way to reach some of those children.

We hope the vending machine-which has more than 70 meals inside-has healthy, nutritious options that will still appeal to students at that age.

If they have breakfast, they will have clearer minds, be able to pay more attention in class and be healthier overall.

If the new machine is a success at Marietta Middle School, perhaps other schools in the district and in the county can consider doing something similar.