Start the new year with a new HSOV pet

Just like we may feel we’re bursting at the seams after all our holiday meals and cookies, so is the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. It’s at capacity for both cats and dogs, meaning it’s a great time  to adopt for those who are able.

Many people may not know the joy a pet can bring into their lives until they have one. We think it’s an experience everyone should have. Whether you’re a child, a senior, live alone or with a large family, there is an animal that’s the right fit.

Don’t be afraid to get to know an older animal. They can still be sweet and playful and will likely be extra happy to have a loving home. Time with them may be a tad shorter but it’s a great feeling to know you gave them a great life while they were with you.

We encourage everyone looking for a pet to adopt from a shelter and to give a home to a worthy dog or cat.