2017 ushers in new time for new attitudes

Let’s put aside all the hubbub associated with the day’s news from Washington. That’s because people must realize  that very little of what happens in our nation’s capital has much impact on the daily lives of  people in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Politics has become an embarrassment in many ways. Instead of continuing as a meeting of the minds, it has become a  game of who’s got the sledgehammer to use on their opponent.

Compromise, unfortunately, has become synonymous with weakness on the part of those who give in to reach a deal.

“Drawing a line in the sand” has grown into a double-dog dare by those who want to encourage some sort of game of chicken.

We hope 2017 brings  new attitudes in politics and the world of compromise. Stalemates don’t benefit the constituents being served by those in political office.

“The art of the deal” is a phrase coined by president-elect Trump. We think a real deal benefits those on both sides of an issue.

No matter who’s in power in Washington, or Columbus, they need to remember who they are serving and who feels the impact of decisions made in our capitals.

It’s a new year. That means there’s plenty of time for new attitudes and new accomplishments.