Not too early to get ready for spring

Spring cleaning time isn’t too far away. Don’t let the predictions of Groundhog Day give you a false sense that there’s plenty of time before the mercury starts to rise above freezing.

Pretty soon people in the Mid-Ohio Valley will be cleaning windows, washing walls and sprucing up yards in anticipation of warmer days and nights. Frosty winter nights will be a thing of the past, until next fall when the atmosphere starts to cool again.

Before diving into spring cleaning, though, we have some advice to help you survive:

– Get organized. Instead of attacking the entire house in one weekend, list priorities and go after them in order.

– Pick your battles. Push back a deep cleaning project until later in the spring. Accomplishing smaller projects early in the process will give you a greater sense of progress.

– Store seasonal clothing so they are out of the way.

– Inspect major appliances for wear and tear before they break down.

– Organize a garage cleanup day even if it’s just to de-clutter.

– Inspect and repair lawn and patio furniture.

Finally, count down to the first day of spring – March 20.