Hey, who ordered dose of winter in the Valley?

Just days before spring arrived the Mid-Ohio Valley got hit with a slick coating of snow and sleet Friday afternoon. Suddenly, it was winter!

Roads got slippery in a matter of minutes. There were the usual fender bender accidents. Cars ended up in ditches, creeks, guardrails and the back ends of other vehicles on both sides of the Ohio.

Friday afternoon is the worst time of the week as far a traffic volume and traffic accidents. Add a dash of slippery and travel gets pretty dicey.

As far as we can tell no one was seriously injured, maybe because drivers were taking it easy on the roads because of the weather conditions. The conditions of the vehicles may be a different story, but machines can always be fixed.

We want to praise snow removal crews who have had minimal road work through the winter months. Their reaction times were reasonably short, especially for drivers stuck halfway up — or down — Slaughterhouse Hill.

Police and fire crews also responded quickly to emergency situations, which this definitely was while it lasted.

Now, bring on spring!