Take action against Ohio phone scams

Perhaps this has happened to you: You are behind the wheel of an automobile when your phone rings. But, as a conscientious driver, you don’t answer it until you can pull into a parking lot or you reach your destination.

The missed-calls list shows what looks like a local number — it begins with the 419 area code, and maybe the three-number prefix that follows is familiar, too. So you return the call … and the person who answers swears they hadn’t called you.

You hang up, perplexed, perhaps swearing yourself. Was it a glitch?

Probably not. It’s called “call spoofing.” Sometimes it’s an unscrupulous sales call. Worse, it could be a scammer.

Either way, they know you are more likely to answer a call from a phone number that is local. And, they have the technology to pull it off.

Don’t just get angry. Act.

First, get informed. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers educational materials, including a phone scams checklist.

Secondly, let the attorney general’s office know if, for example, someone calls claiming you owe money for a utility bill, or that a relative is in jail and needs bail money.

To learn more or to report scams to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, visit www.OhioProtects.org or call (800) 282-0515. Take action instead of just getting angry.