Don’t break reading habits built during this summer

We hope your student is keeping up with promises to read throughout the summer.

Now is a good time for a reminder to read throughout summer break. Doing so keeps young brains sharp and in training for the lessons ahead in classrooms. We hope students in the house are keeping up this summer. If you’ve fallen a bit behind you’ve got a good chunk of the summer ahead before classes resume.

As a parent, it’s up to you to set the tone for stopping the Summer Slide for your student.

It is the students who can least afford to lose the reading gains they’ve achieved during the school year who fall the farthest behind when they return to the classroom after a summer break away from formal literacy instruction, educators say.

Summer means a break from school and for some, a break from daily reading activity. During this time, many children, especially those who struggle with reading aloud can forget the fundamentals of reading simply due to a lack of practice. Assign your students some passages to read over the summer and help to avoid the Summer Slide.

The summer reading statistics are concrete and show the importance of keeping your child reading and academically active during the summer months.

Get busy and read today with your student. Classes resume in just a few weeks. So get ready!