Help your neighbor, give blood

The need for blood donations is great. The shortage isn’t the result of Hurricane Harvey or Irma, it’s more the result of summer vacations.

Turns out there’s always a need for blood. Officials say an average of 2,000 pints of blood are used in Ohio every day, and 38,000 donations are needed each day to meet the national demand for blood.

Giving blood is something most of us can do. Anyone 17 years of age or older, weighing at least 110 pounds and in good health can give blood. There are also plenty of chances to do so. Several blood drives are scheduled in our region in the weeks ahead. A full scheule can be found in a story published on the front page of this newspaper today.

The American Red Cross has made registration easier than ever. There is a Red Cross donor app, a Red Cross Rapid Pass or you can call the American Red Cross for information at 1-800-RED-CROSS. This allows you to fill out a health questionnaire and take care of other necessary paperwork online before you arrive for your appointment.

Giving blood is painless and takes little time. It’s a little thing most of us can do to help our community and those elsewhere in need. We urge readers to get back into the habit of giving blood.

For information on blood donation and upcoming blood drives visit