Make way for Sunday road race

Marietta is gearing up for its second annual half marathon this weekend and those around the city should be prepared.

The race means that several main roadways, including Putnam and Front streets, and Glendale Road, will be closed. Some major intersections that will remain open, including Colegate and Muskingum Drive and Colegate and Glendale, will still have delays as racers go through and traffic is temporarily halted.

In addition, the River Trail will be utilized in the various races that are part of the event. While the path will not officially be closed, race officials are asking that people avoid it as much as possible until the race concludes at noon.

Residents should plan alternate routes accordingly and expect delays. The race routes have run in The Marietta Times and are posted on the Facebook page and website for the half marathon. Please be aware that there will be closures and hundreds of racers on the roadways.

This year, the half marathon has shifted from Saturday to Sunday and we hope that means there will be less impact on traffic. The road closures have also changed slightly, with both lanes of Colegate Drive to remain open this year. That’s something we think will be appreciated by those who need to travel from the north side of the city to the south or vice versa, as the other points to cross over will be closed.

We’re glad the organizers took into account traffic difficulties last year and made adjustments. The race should be a fun day for those participating, those cheering on the runners and walkers and for the city as a whole. Let’s all do our part to make that happen.