Speak up on medical marijuana moratorium

Marietta City Council plans to introduce legislation lifting the moratorium on medical marijuana this week.

The moratorium was passed in September last year with the intention of giving the state time to finalize rules and regulations for medical marijuana, which was legalized in Ohio that month by House Bill 523, before the city would consider allowing growing, processing or dispensing operations within city limits.

With council action imminent now’s the time to speak up make your thoughts known on what could be a controversial topic. This will be a big change for us in Marietta and how we react to new state rules.

So far, council has heard little comment from the public. But we think people might be more willing to speak up once the actual legislation is introduced to city council.

So, we urge you to first get informed on the legislation and find out what exactly it will do. Then you will have the facts needed to make an informed decision.

And, if you feel compelled to speak out there’s a window of opportunity for that.

The Planning, Zoning and Annexation Committee will reconvene on the issue Wednesday to discuss it further following an audit committee meeting at 4:15 p.m.

Also, Marietta City Council regular and special meetings are held in room 10 of the Armory, 241 Front St.

Time is short. Some earlier opportunities to sound off have already been missed. As a concerned citizen it’s your duty to be informed and, if interested to do so, voice your opinion.