YES Day continues to teach

The Valley is blessed to have dedicated YES Day organizers. More importantly, it’s important that they’ve been working hard for 25 years.

Young engineers and scientists — seventh- and eighth-graders — were enthralled last week by presentations and lessons with liquid nitrogen, body movement and even eating bugs.

This year more than 800 students participated. They learned the science and math fields might be attractive as a career choice.

They learned some careers, such as physical therapists, won’t be replaced by computers. All it takes is hard work and a can-do attitude.

It all started with an idea in 1992 stemming from a Marietta Chamber of Commerce leadership project. Now it’s an annual lesson to encourage youngsters that their future is wide open if they choose to take it.

Congratulations to people like veteran organizer of the YES Days, Mary Lou Moegling. You are planting seeds of encouragement in the minds of today’s students.