Resolve to do acts of kindness

As New Year’s Day nears, New Year’s resolutions won’t be far behind.

We know all the usual promises as we enter a new year: Watching what you eat, exercising, stopping that tobacco habit. And just as sure as the calendar will turn over to 2018 we’re skeptical that today’s resolution will be tomorrow’s broken promise … until next year.

We think a simple idea might just inspire more of the same. We’re talking about kindness. Just a simple act can go a long way to making someone else’s day a bit easier.

Some examples of kind acts were highlighted in a column by Washington School principal Alicia McIntire. We urge you to grab a copy of the weekend edition of our paper and read her column. It’s inspirational stuff.

People who got an idea and ran with it: For example, a young boy got to spend time with his idols on the Marietta High football team thanks to coach Jason Schob.

We’re sure there are plenty of other acts of kindness that are making a difference in the lives of people.

And it won’t require much on your part to make a difference in a person’s life. And it’s a resolution that’s important to keep.

To echo McIntire’s words at the end of her column: As we finish one year and prepare to make resolutions for another, please consider the gift that kindness can bring. It doesn’t require money and asks for nothing in return, it simply is given with the intent of helping another.