Still the rule: Don’t drive and use a phone

Just a reminder that with the new year, and some new laws to get accustomed to having, one law isn’t changing. We’re talking about the city law that forbids drivers from using a cellphone while behind the wheel.

Aside from being a bad idea for drivers and others on the road who could be potential victims, it’s just dangerous. Drivers can’t effectively split concentration between moving down the highway and chatting with friends or relatives on the phone. Yet, people still do it.

Talk about an accident waiting to happen.

And you could be oncoming vehicle or pedestrian that’s in the path of a car being driven by someone who’s splitting attention between the road and the phone.

City police are constantly on the lookout for motorists who violate this law. But they can’t be everywhere. Accidents do happen. We just hope no one gets hurt, especially on an icy road that demands your full attention behind the wheel.

Stay safe.