After the big flood, now what?

Once the high water subsides and damage is assessed come the major questions: What’s next?

We tend to look for our comfort zone, but given two weekends of flooding in the Valley “comfort” takes on a new meaning.

For example, comfort might mean a lack of rain, or snow as March approaches.

Or, comfort could mean not having to worry about high water invading your home or business.

However you define it, comfort in the post 2018 flood era takes on a new meaning for all of us. Maybe we grew accustomed to not having to heed flood warnings. Well, that ended this month, which will go down as Marietta’s encounter with Mother Nature’s version of double jeopardy.

Anyway, we hope you can enjoy what we think will be a quiet, peaceful period — without rain and flooding.

But there could always be breaking news down the road.