Count on each other in times of crisis

With Marietta located on the confluence of two rivers, residents can count on the fact that at least once in a while, a serious flood will strike.

But the other thing the same residents can count on when it does? Each other.

Those of us who have been in the community for a long time and have seen the high waters come and go know that each time there is a flood those affected don’t have to ask for help. It just arrives, toting sandbags, lifting merchandise to safety and lending a hand in whatever way is needed.

This is a city–and county–that comes together in a crisis. This past week has been no exception, as the city has prepared for two separate flood events, one after the other. There have been many volunteers, from those moving historic treasures at the Fearing House museum to a higher floor to those helping hose flood mud from the floors of their favorite west side restaurant. Businesses and the city have donated thousands of sandbags, hotels have offered reduced rates for those stranded and contributions are being made to a Washington County disaster relief fund.

In the meantime, area first responders and public employees have been busy clearing roadways, checking water levels, closing dangerous travel routes and directing traffic along the streets clogged by detoured traffic.

Some have been preparing emergency shelters for anyone displaced, complete with food and medical supplies.

We know we’re not out of the woods yet, with the Ohio River crest not expected until Tuesday. But we also know that when it comes and when the waters recede, we’ll all recover together.