That bump probably is a pothole

Those bone-jarring, front-tire damaging potholes are back in full bloom on roads throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Now more than ever drivers need to be alert to those pavement pock marks.

Crews are doing what they can in the middle of winter. Asphalt used to repair road pavement won’t be produced in our area until more spring-like weather arrives. Days when the temperature rises above freezing during daylight hours and falls at or below freezing at night create the ice that result in potholes.

So, we suggest this simple plan of action for motorists:

1. Call the appropriate agency (city, county, township or state) when you see a pothole problem.

2. Avoid the damaged pavement either by driving around it or taking a different route.

3. Remain calm and know that eventually the road will be repaired and your ride will return to a smooth trip to the store or to your home.

4. Be alert at all times.

Good luck.