Conceal carry remains viable option

Who knows what this signifies, but the Ohio attorney general says more than 131,000 residents were issued licenses last year to carry concealed weapons.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says there were 77,281 new permits issued and 54,064 renewals.

For gun haters among us that is good news. The Dayton Daily News reports the total amount of permits issued in 2017 was down 34 percent compared to the record number of 158,000 in 2016. Last year’s numbers were also below the five-year average.

Permit holders can bring their weapons to bars and restaurants, day care centers and college campuses where guns are allowed.

Ohio law requires permit holders to complete eight hours of training.

It’s good that the state makes sure permit holders have safety training and know the rules before they begin toting a firearm.

We know the reasons for carrying can vary: Personal safety or job considerations to name a few.

And we hope that permit holders adhere to basic safety rules for themselves and those around them.

Stay safe.