Your new driver’s license? It’s in the mail

A rite of passage for Ohio teenagers — getting a driver’s license — will change this summer when the Department of Public Safety stops issuing licenses at the bureau of motor vehicles and instead sends them by mail.

As of July 2, new and renewed licenses are to be mailed to drivers after they are issued. Because the license includes a photo, drivers still will have to visit the BMV in person to get one.

They won’t go away empty handed. Drivers are to get temporary licenses and ID cards until the real deal arrives about 10 days later.

The state says it will save money by producing licenses at a central, more secure location.

Of course, if autonomous vehicles become the norm in the not-too-distant future, that rite of passage could become a thing of the not-too-distant past. Not to worry; the state already has photo ID cards for non-driving residents. Those, too, will be delivered by mail.