Neighborhood Watch idea remains useful today

Harmar Hill’s Neighborhood Watch organization has been in existence since 1996 and it’s as much of an example of neighbors helping neighbors as it was at its founding.

“I think it’s really helped, it gets people talking to one another,” said Ken Strahler, a resident of Alta Street who started the group with Kay Thomas.

Neighborhood Watch formed after a rash of thefts in the neighborhood, such as outdoor furniture and outside plants. The group has continued meeting on the hill. Meetings cover topics of interest, often including representatives of the city police department.

Neighborhood Watch is a good idea for any area that can be a closeknit entity. We’re thinking of Norwood, the West Side, and the central section of Marietta such as homes on Front to Tenth streets. All it takes is someone to step up to be a leader. That’s how things started on Harmar Hill.

It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors.

¯ The next meeting of the Harmar Hill Neighborhood Watch is in June. Contact: Harmar Hill Neighborhood Watch, 128 High St., Marietta; email:; phone: 740-706-1770.

¯To start a neighborhood watch in your community, visit