Together we can Stamp Out Hunger

Local mail carriers are making it easy for the rest of us to help ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ this weekend.

Saturday is the day to leave non-perishable food items at your mailbox. Mail carriers and volunteers will collect the food left along their routes and it will then be donated to local food pantries.

Past collections along local routes, mainly those within Marietta city limits, have averaged about 8 tons. Local carriers have participated in the annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ campaign for more than 20 years.

We urge readers to participate this year. Leaving just a couple of items for your mail carrier can have a big impact overall when you consider there are 25 routes servicing about 12,000 locations across Marietta.

In fact, there’s one mail carrier who makes 690 deliveries on his city route alone.

Chances are, most of us have items already sitting in our cupboards we can donate, it wouldn’t even require a trip to the store.

Anyone looking to help in this effort can do so by reporting to the Marietta Post Office on Front Street around 9 a.m. Volunteers can help keep the docks organized, pack the food or go out and help collect food along the routes.

On Saturday, do something to help others in the community. Participate in the annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ food drive and help the U.S. Postal Service in its effort to have a positive impact on our community.