Church in dire need of someone to organize luncheon

Norwood United Methodist Church plays host each year to an event that brings the work of volunteers from all over the community together to serve more than 500 Thanksgiving meals. This year, the event may be in trouble, if a leader cannot be found to organize it.

“We have had some really major problems with deaths and illnesses in the church there is no one to organize and run it,” said Pastor Brian Weber.

Real work on the event needs to begin soon; and there is no shortage of volunteers, space or money to get the job done. But without a project manager, it will be difficult to coordinate all those resources.

“It’s wonderful to see volunteers from other churches and around the community,” said church member and volunteer Barb Handschumacher. “It’s especially gratifying when you deliver to a senior who’s getting a special meal, people who don’t have a family to provide that support. I would really hate to see us not do it this year.”

Time is running out to find a leader or organizing committee who can help the church bring this good event to the community once again this year.

Surely there is someone with the energy and know-how to get that done. Those who want to help can call the church at 740-374-5606.

Think about it. More than 500 people could go without a Thanksgiving meal this year. Or they could end up being thankful, for you.