Don’t wait for someone else to act

When David Baker noticed that the historical marker for the Ohio Land Company was dirty, with paint peeling, he didn’t just say “Well, that’s too bad” and keep on moving.

Baker, a Rotary Club of Marietta member, went to the group, assembled a team and refurbished not only that marker but all 40 of the historical markers in Marietta.

A few had to be returned to Sewah Studios for repainting but for most, all that was needed was a little elbow grease.

Baker should be an example to us all.

When we see something in our community that needs to be done, we shouldn’t just wait and see if someone else will take care of it. One person stepping up can lead to great things.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of even smaller tasks most of us could accomplish on any given day.

It could be as simple as picking up litter we notice on the sidewalk or sweeping debris from the River Trail.

Instead of walking by a problem, we can do as Baker did and take action.

All Baker and his Rotary team ask for in return for their work is that people pay a little more attention to the markers. After all, they tell the story of the place we call home. So, maybe the next time you walk by the marker a couple of blocks from your house or pass one while you’re running an errand, pause for a moment.

Stop, look and read. Appreciate the history of Marietta.

That’s one more simple thing we can do for our community.