Enjoy a safe festival weekend

Since 1976, the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival has been one of Marietta’s largest events, drawing in estimated crowds of 100,000 people each year, coming to town on the roadways and rivers.

Whether it’s the food booths, the car show or the fireworks that appeal, there seems to be something for everyone.

The festival is a family-friendly event and one the city can take pride in. Let’s make sure to show Marietta’s best this weekend.

With so many people packed onto the levee and surrounding streets, competing for parking spots and the best views for the fireworks display, tempers can sometimes flair. Let’s make sure we all remember that the main purpose of this event is simply to have fun. If someone cuts in line or bumps into you, let it go. If the crowds or the heat start to get to you, have a lemon shake and cool off.

Let’s all do our best to make sure the sternwheel festival is a safe, enjoyable experience for all who attend. The volunteers who make this event a reality every year work so hard. Let’s thank them with a smooth experience–and a few dollars in the donation buckets, if you can.

The Ohio River Sternwheel Festival is a part of Marietta’s past and present that we all enjoy. Let’s make it a good one this year.