Company right to hire veterans

When it comes to taking care of our veterans, Mid-Ohio Valley communities may already be a notch above some others. But there is always room for improvement. It is no secret that employers are having difficulty finding enough qualified, capable, sober people to fill the jobs that will keep our local economy churning forward. Help wanted signs are everywhere.

Some of those employers might do well to take a page from Hi-Vac Corp.’s playbook. The folks at Hi-Vac make it a point to hire veterans if they can — even seeking them out, reaching out to veterans groups for contacts.

“Our need for qualified people continues to grow,” said President Dan Coley. “And veterans have been a great resource for us. The skills from their service carry over to the same kind of skills we need at Hi-Vac, and if you’re disciplined enough to be successful in the military service, that works very, very well for us.”

Hi-Vac was honored this week by U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, for it support of former members of the military.

Veterans are just part of the picture, of course. Coley said if given the opportunity, the company could hire 40 people right now.

But the skilled, hard-working, dedicated and disciplined veterans who have come on board are doing their part to help the company meet demands.

Hi-Vac is to be commended for taking steps to hire military veterans — more than 30 percent of the people hired since the company began communicating with a local veterans’ advocate two years ago. Perhaps other employers will follow their lead.