Give now, give always, to food pantries

Most Mid-Ohio Valley families look for ways to help others when they can — even those who probably could use a hand, themselves. Among the many opportunities to give is the Send Help campaign, which focuses on local food pantries.

Participants can be individuals, families, businesses — anyone who has the means to pass on a little money or food to one of the organizations that knows best how to distribute it. But it is helpful to those organizations if folks keep a few things in mind.

“We’re often remembered at the beginning of the months with many blessed donations,” said Candy Waite, director of the Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta. “But as the month grows older that can run dry. … Right now I’m in need of cereal extremely bad.”

Another thought: “If people bring food it’s good if they bring a lot of one thing rather than small amounts of many different things,” said Beverly-Waterford Food Pantry Director Jo Teters. “It makes it easier for us to break it up evenly between the families.”

Certainly this time of year makes it easier to remember there is a need for donations of not only food and money, but even small items that can become Christmas gifts or fill blessing boxes.

But the need never goes away. The need is the same in June as in December. It is the same at the end of each month as at the beginning. Consider giving, if you are able — but consider making it part of a routine, rather than a one-time donation (although, of course, those are always welcome.)

What may seem like just a small gift can be a big deal to local families who would be hungrier without it. Send help.