Much for which to be thankful

Local residents have much for which to be thankful this season — and one of them is the degree to which we are capable of rising above the challenges we face. There ARE challenges, of course, but we tackle them. They do not define us.

So here we are, on this Thanksgiving day, grateful for the beautiful communities in which we live and work; the opportunities we have every day to take care of each other — to lift up each other. We live in a valley where our history is important to us, we preserve what we can; but it does not bind us. It is a springboard to a bright future.

Today there will be wonderful meals, a chance for families and friends to gather … maybe even a little football; and we are grateful that we are free to take a break from our busy lives to give thanks for and enjoy those things.

And today, there are those in our communities who may find it a little more difficult to focus on gratitude. They are fighting against struggles that threaten to overwhelm. We are thankful, then, that there are so many in those same communities working to make sure there is a bright spot — a meal, a little fellowship — for them, too.

As always, we are grateful for those who do not get to take a break today. They are busy keeping the rest of us safe, watching out for and taking care of us.

It is not all about the turkey and traditions today, ladies and gentlemen. It is about our obligation to understand we have so much for which to be thankful. Take a moment today, between bites, to remember that.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!