Keep local interests on rep’s mind

At the start of 2019, Marietta will no longer have one of its own residents representing them in the Ohio legislature.

Republican Andy Thompson, of Marietta, served for eight years before reaching his term limit. Voters elected Republican Don Jones, of Harrison County, to fill that seat.

Whether or not you agree with Thompson’s views and legislation, it’s always a perk to have someone from your community representing your interests in the state body of government. We can be sure that Washington County and its needs were always at the forefront of his mind and wouldn’t be forgotten or lost in the shuffle.

That’s not to say that Jones won’t look out for our interests. But having someone who’s not local representing us just means that we all need to take even more initiative to be sure our voices are heard.

Jones doesn’t live in Marietta. We won’t see him at the grocery store or at church, but we hope he’ll be visiting. And when he’s not here, we need to make sure he hears from the people of Marietta and Washington County, and that the smaller communities in the 95th district aren’t forgotten.

Make sure to reach out to him if there’s a pressing issue. Communication goes two ways and we all need to do our part. Let him know what the people of Washington County need.