Set sights on the ultimate higher goal of education

Marietta City Schools’ Board of Education presented Superintendent Will Hampton with a set of goals to achieve in the next year — with reasonable expectation that he will meet them, given that he met or exceeded expectations on all 25 items on a list the board used to evaluate his performance.

Hampton is asked to take a leadership role in preparing a major building project to be presented to voters; address academic improvements needed to improve the district’s performance on state report cards; and improve communication to enhance the public’s perception of the district.

Should Hampton focus on bringing facilities in line with the idea of being as EFFICIENT as possible while providing the best education to our kids … that last one might take care of itself. (Though more communication is always better than less.)

Certainly voters notice the results of state report cards, but what is more important to them is that Marietta students are prepared for their next steps after graduation. Are they receiving an education that allows them to move on to college without being placed in remedial courses; or enter a trade school or certificate program confidently? Have they learned to be good employees and productive members of society?

Do not misunderstand. Of course a classroom that is so hot students cannot concentrate for the first month of the year is detrimental to that process. Of course a district that, over the long run, is throwing away money on a bloated, out-of-date collection of buildings is wasting money that could be better spent in teaching kids. Of course there is value in meeting state standards and improving public support of the district (and therefore the kids attending its schools).

But Hampton and the school board surely understand these goals are only a means to the ultimate goal — giving our kids the education they deserve; one that will serve them well when they graduate.