Let’s all do our part to salvage local businesses

When news spread this week that Kmart and Sears stores would all likely be closing there were a lot of comments–including on The Times website — to the effect of “I guess we’ll all be doing more online shopping.”

While the death of what was once a retail giant is quite a blow to the brick and mortar industry, let’s not assume it’s the end, and for the sake of our local businesses, let’s do our part to make sure that it’s not.

While online shopping is convenient and certainly plays a part in all of our lives, let’s do what we can to support the physical locations of retailers we love, too. It’s up to us as customers to support these sites if we want to see them remain.

The potential loss of Kmart is sad news for Marietta. It means jobs will be lost, a large retail site may be empty for some time and shoppers will lose an option. But it can also be a reminder that if we want to see these types of jobs in our community and if we want to be able to shop in person, then we need to keep that in mind with each dollar we spend. Don’t just browse Amazon because it’s easy. Take a look at a local store. Take five minutes from your day to actually drive to one, park and go in. You might even find it more enjoyable.

We all mourn when a favorite retailer goes out of business, but what are we doing to stop it?

Nobody is going to give up online shopping. Still, we can all do a little better to also give our money to physical stores. Let’s remember that before the next closure comes.