Chip in on blight fund if you can

Most Mariettans understand there are properties in our community that should be torn down and cleaned up. But that takes money — and no small amount of it.

At Thursday’s city council meeting, $45,000 from the city’s general fund was appropriated for a new fund for blight demolition and legal contracting. That will give a start to work on the “top priority eight homes and two commercial properties” according to Councilman Mike Scales.

But then he added something important: “This whole process was a team effort and it’s time we get moving on it.”

It is good to finally get the ball rolling, yes. But it is also important to remind the community that “team effort” includes all of us.

Prompted by a question from Councilwoman Cindy Oxender, Scales said private citizens are able to donate to the new fund.

For some complainers, this is a chance to put their money where their mouths have been.

“Certainly if anyone was to add to the fund we’d take those dollars. They are welcome,” Scales said.

Remember, $10,000 of what has been appropriated is already designated for outside legal counsel to do title searches. That does not leave a lot for actual demolition and cleanup. If you want more done, and have a few bucks (or more) to kick in to help the cause, the city would surely welcome the help.